Clinic Appointment:  £40


Home Visit:  £45 within 5 miles of the clinic.


Nursing Home Visits:  Please phone or email for prices.

Please note that we do currently have a credit card facility, so please pay with either a card, cheque or cash.

Receipts can be provided if you need to reclaim money from H..S.A Simply Health


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Workplace Podiatry

Longer working hours mean that many people requiring podiatry treatment are unable to access it without taking time off work.  David can visit your place of work with the agreement of your employer to treat a number of people.  The cost is less than clinic appointments and receipts can be provided if you need to reclaim money from HSA/Simply Health. Workplace podiatry takes 30 minutes per person and increases productivity as the employee is back at his/her desk within 35 minutes.  All that is required is a room with good light, access to a sink, an office chair without wheels and your feet!  

Everything else is provided, so if you want to leave work feeling like you are 'walking on air' ask your employer to arrange a workplace podiatry day.