David trained in the 90’s at the SMAE Institute one of the UK’s oldest colleges of Chiropody, later being grand-parented into the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

He  married Jennie in 1977 and they have lived in Ham Common since 1983  


David has significant experience in private practice podiatry and can treat and/or offer advice on a range of problems which effect the feet and lower limb.   

These include; athletes foot, bunions, corns & calluses, cracked heels,  (heel pain/spurs), fungal nail infections, hammertoes, ingrowing toenails, nail thickening and verrucas & warts. David also has experience in dealing with foot conditions associated with systemic diseases including; diabetes, arthritis, neuropathy, circulatory problems.  

He strives to provide a friendly, professional treatment with an emphasis on self-management, which can often minimise the number of treatment sessions you may require and therefore lower overall costs.  

His treatments are focused on relieving symptoms, improving function, disease prevention, and maintaining independence and well-being.


Common Problems

Corn & Callus removal:  Callus (“hard skin”) is unsightly and uncomfortable.  If left it can crack or develop into painful corns. Corns and calluses can be painlessly removed.

Nail problems:  Ingrown nails can be very painful and should be treated. Thick nails can also be painful and are difficult to cut without the right tools.  These and other nail problems can be expertly dealt with.

Verrucas: These are caused by a virus that can spread in communal changing rooms and showers.  A course of treatment may be required.

David offers a combination treatment at his clinic which is usually pain free. He will explain at length his preferred method of treatment!

He may well bore you with stories of his second love, Classic Cars.